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    Tel: 0086-13706688270
    Fax: 0086-577-66500803
    E-mail: 782873882@qq.com

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      Zhejiang Xingqi Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. has over ten years' experience in manufacturing Power Transmission Parts. With a professional team, we specialize in R&D and manufacturing Locking Assemblies, Backstops, Shrink Discs, Tapered Adapters and Couplings.

      Following "Ringfeder" standard, our XKN series Locking Assemblies are widely used in shaft and hub connections, especially in mining industry. Backed up with our experienced research team, we also could offer special designs according to customers' unique needs. Till now, our products have been successfully recognized by top six mining equipment manufacturing groups in China for high quality and excellent performance and also we have expanded our oversea markets to United States, Australia, India and Japan.

      Tel: 0086-13706688270  0086-13777777580  0086-577-66500801  0086-577-66501030  Fax: 0086-577-66500803
    Zhejiang Xingqi Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.  Add: Tingjiu Industrial Zone, Tingtian Town, Ruian City  E-mail: 782873882@qq.com